PREMIERE: Directed by Jenna Pace, Blesson Roy’s “Thousand” Video Was Filmed Untraditionally yet Brilliantly

In the midst of a global pandemic, many have struggled to film while considering safety guidelines — especially when concepts for a scene often involve being indoors or having multiple people on set. When directing the music video for Blesson Roy’s “Thousand,” Jenna Pace decided to confront the challenges presented by the virus, and use a covid-safe method of filming to her advantage, building a beautifully simplistic video complimented by nature and fresh air.

“In taking on a project during quarantine, without the help and collaboration of my usual crew, I decided to enlist the help of the only other person in my quarantine pod, my husband, who is not in the video production business! With my newfound lack of crew and COVID literally in the air, I wanted to focus on creating a story that took place entirely outdoors in safe, secluded locations where we would feel comfortable to remove our masks and experiment with the themes Terry and I had discussed when creating the concept for this video. I was concerned about being able to trek to some of these untouched locations with my cumbersome cinema gear, going back and forth about what lenses I might I need, what additional lighting might be necessary, but after speaking with a friend, I decided to abandon the idea of using traditional gear in favor of my iPhone.

After all, hiking over an hour up the Ramapo Mountains to film that perfect castle ruin I had my heart set on just wouldn’t have been possible with a heavy gear load — and not without a lot of extra hands — but it could be possible with a super compact camera and rig. Another upside of using the phone was that my husband would be comfortable using it to capture the pieces I wasn’t able to film myself, because, again, an available actress was not in our pod, I took on that role, as well. So off we went, up that mountain, into an abandoned ghost town, through a glorious sunflower farm, to the bank of a hidden river beach and more with only one backpack that contained my iPhone, a gimbal, some filters and a packed lunch. We were able to both work and enjoy being outdoors together, safely, at this strange time in our lives.” — Jenna Pace, Director

Terry Borden, otherwise known as Blesson Roy, released his debut album Think Like Spring on November 27, having recorded throughout the COVID 19 lockdown. Just as the “Thousand” music video was created to reflect the creativity that can come from unprecedented experiences, Think Like Spring is a nod to the adjusted mindsets that we, as a society, have developed as our lives have changed immensely over the course of a year. Spring is a time of rebirth, and as we move forward, we learn to evolve, using unfortunate circumstances to create positive solutions.

Check out the video for Blesson Roy’s “Thousand” below:




photo by: Ankhurr Chawaak