PREMIERE: Damon Locks’ & Black Monument Ensemble Debut New Single

Chicago’s Black Monument Ensemble recently announced a new album NOW to be released digitally on April 9th, with a following physical release on July 9th. With the announcement, the collective released a pairing video for the lead single “Now (Forever Momentary Space.) NOW comes as a follow to the groups debut 2019 release, Where Future Unfolds

Similar to Locks’ previous work, “Now (Forever Momentary Space)” and its pairing video are ripe with meaning and intentionality. The video, which features animation work by Rob Shaw, is a hazy montage full of visual references towards the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, combining Locks’ own documentary footage which was shot largely in the turbulent summer of 2020. “[I was inspired by] a short story by writer Cadwell Turnbull called, ‘Jump.’ The story is about a couple who experience something seemingly impossible and the lengths one of them would go to control that. It ultimately is an investigation in acceptance and imagining what is possible and taking a leap towards it. ‘Now (Forever Momentary Space)’ is about the moment outside of the timeline where everything is possible. That moment is Now,” said Locks’ of the track. 

Locks’ history as an activist seems to influence a majority of his work and this is NOW seems to be no different. Coming as the next step for the multi-generational, galvanized by Locks’ artistic vision, NOW seems to be an exciting next step for fans of the group.