PREMIERE: Brooks Hudgins ushers in a new era of alternative country with LP “Drive Thru Communion”

The country singer flips the genre on its head, modernizing country values for Gen Z and bringing in new sounds for listeners to enjoy.

Playing with alternative genre elements while still looping in the country sounds of the past, Brooks Hudgins gives country fans a new direction to consider with Drive Thru Communion.

As Hudgins’ debut LP, Drive Thru Communion shows the artist’s potential. It also breaks from the intensely patriotic undertones that have become mainstream for country songs from the 90s to the 2010s.

Second track “Only Fans” riffs on Gen Z Internet culture and the way attitudes around sex have changed in recent years, with the title being a reference to the website OnlyFans. The Internet brought about more acceptance of expression of sexuality and created a market for sexual content that individual creators have been able to directly profit from. The song is upbeat and feels a bit surf rock-esque, though the lyrics tell a somewhat depressing story.

Regarding his lyrics, Hudgins said that he always finishes writing his lyrics before going into the studio to record.

“I never want to compromise the narrative for ease of process,” Hudgins said. “Songs last a long time, it’s worth getting it right.”

“Lost in Conversation” brings in those familiar country bass lines and tempos, while the lyrics highlight issues like racism with specific imagery. The song is a wandering into Hudgins’ brainspace—the way in which he thinks and the things he contemplates. It captures the mix of helplessness, existential dread and cautious optimism that many have felt in 2020.

Hudgins’ LP features great, though short, instrumental breakdowns and witty lyrics that capture the listener’s attention. He really captures the what the future of country could potentially look like. Though young, Hudgins has promise.

“For the record, I just turned 25…” Hudgins said. “Drive Thru Communion is kind of a Greatest Hits of my unreleased angsty decade.”

In a genre dominated by ultra-Americana imagery, Drive Thru Communion is something new and different, laid back and yet pulling from the country sounds and attitudes of old that are begging for a resurrection.

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photo by: Kevin Lombardo