PREMIERE: Brand new release from Fantasy 15, “The Menace”
Fantasy 15

Take a trip through the stars with protectors of the universe, Fantasy 15, on their newest single “The Menace” 

In a land far, far away, in a not-so-distant future lies Zoltandia, a city defenseless against the automation of all human experience.  Inhabitants of the once-sprawling ecological wonder have for the past 100 years slowly and unwittingly submitted themselves to a cold and merciless digital government, a monolith who’s sole purpose is to replace the soulful expression of life with a pre-programmed robotic reality.  

Fantasy 15 are the band of mortal fighters striving to prevent such evils from destroying the entire galaxy. Armed only with their analog synthesizers and a seemingly never ending supply of undeniable primordial rhythms reminiscent of Nigerian Funk, Brazilian Tropicalia and New York City New Wave, the rebel group works diligently day and night to save all of humanity from the horrors of digital automation.

Their newest single “The Menace” takes listeners on a journey through the universe via the smoothest bass hooks and synth key pops. The track doesn’t shy away from creating a sense of urgency and surprisingly inspires motivation despite the lack of lyrical content.



When they are not busy saving the world, Fantasy 15 serve as the house band of the Eraserhood Sound “Synth & Soul” record label based in Philadelphia, USA.

“The Menace” is out now. Listen down below!