Premiere: Beach Bums announce new video for “KEEPANEYEOUT”
Beach Bums

Having already forged a blazing path as “The Wu-Tang of Los Angeles Punk,” this collective outfit have worn many sonic hats.

Much of Beach Bums catalog remains raucous and anxiety-ridden, yet on this newest single, “KEEPANEYEOUT,” we hear a distinctly dream-pop inspired sound. Fronted by vocalist Jonathan Horsley and backed by jangly guitars and a driving drum machine, this single is addictive as a morphine drip.

Soothing and sweet, lyrically the track focuses on the duality of love, eschewing typical proclamations of infatuation in favor of the pain that goes along with having to say goodbye to someone you love, and the simultaneous increase in longing and desire.

Throughout YEARS, the band’s new LP, their dark cloud is replaced by a triumphant air of satisfaction and excitement, while musically the album finds Beach Bums shedding much of their previous aggression in favor of more melodic experimentation… and we are certainly here for it!

Enjoy the video premiere for their single, “KEEPANEYEOUT,” featuring the band itself rummaging through a broken down and graffiti-ridden building.

photo by: Herbert Guevara.