Premiere: Balkan Beat Box’s “Kum Kum” Featuring A-WA
video premiere

For over a decade, Israeli trio Balkan Beat Box have ignited fans with their energetic beats and quick rhymes, drawing influences from their Eastern European heritage, as well as punk, jazz, hip-hop, and a mix of world music.

Balkan Beat Box  is comprised of saxophonist Ori Kaplan, percussionist Tamir Muskat, and singer Tomer Yosef. Their latest single, “Kum Kum” features energetic world beats and electronic samples, that together craft an irresistible dance track.  Lead vocalist Tomer Yosef engages in a call-and-response with the playful, breathy vocals of A-WA. While most of BBB’s songs lean towards the political, “Kum Kum” is all about letting go as Yosef sings, “Going to set the flow/ Keep it all in motion/ On the floor.”

The music video for “Kum Kum” features the members of Balkan Beat Box along with A-WA in the back of a pick-up truck, driving around their neighborhood as one-by-one people emerge from their homes, and passers-by on the street stop what they’re doing to dance to the music. Every day objects like graffiti, clouds and apartment windows become animated, sparking a celebration that lasts long into the night.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the album, Tamir Muskat says: “We’ve been able to create this hub of art where we can go into a room, search deep within our souls, and create together. The real mojo behind BBB is our relationships as friends. It’s been an amazing journey.”

The band’s fifth studio album Shout It Out is out now. Watch the video for  “Kum Kum” below and be sure to check out the band’s exclusive Tel Aviv guide