PREMIERE: AJ Wander Releases Heartfelt Debut Single “Time Out” On November 5, 2020

AJ Wander’s Debut Single “Time Out ” is an honest and raw portrayal of a breakup, as AJ reflects on his own experiences with a depth of emotion that will leave the listener teary eyed and nostalgic of their own past love stories.

Produced by Brad Mair, who’s worked with renowned artists like Dean Lewis and Jamie Cullum, the track’s melodic piano riffs and powerful vocals build a track that is both lyrically dark and sonically warm — providing a moment of solace for a listener that needs time to grieve, but simultaneously needs to be uplifted.

“Time out was written in a flurry a week after breaking up with my first love. It is me turning a corner in my emotional recovery from the split and is the moment I first realised the breakup was for our own good. ‘Time Out’ represents the first time I accepted that she had dreams of her own outside of the world we’d created together and we needed to let each other go.”

AJ Wander

Using his music as “self-therapy” to deal with his emotions, AJ is an exhibit of pure talent; not bred by the industry, but by hard work. Prior to the ongoing pandemic, he spent his time playing covers at piano bars and hotels across the United Kingdom. He worked hard to make a living through live performance, but when the UK’s lockdown eliminated every opportunity to continue, his life was uprooted and he was forced to begin a new musical journey and reconsider his priorities. Thus, AJ turned his focus to his own music and a career as a solo artist. In the wake of the initial lockdown, he managed to snag a management and recording deal with Elevation, as well as an exclusive publishing agreement with BDi. Instead of simply dipping his feet in the water, he dove in headfirst.

When referencing the main influences for his music, AJ Wander points to prolific pop artists, explaining that, to him, it’s not a bad thing to make Pop music. He explains, “I think people often get afraid of labeling themselves as ‘pop’ because they think it cheapens them. But I try to make pop with substance.” His debut single is exactly that: pop with substance. It’s a song that extends itself to the public with open arms while remaining unique through nuances that only AJ could navigate.

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