PREMIERE: 2nd Generation Wu release new video for “New Generation (Remix)” featuring Method Man
2nd Generation Wu

Wu-Tang Clan truly is forever. Especially when the children of Wu come together to carry on their incredible legacy. 

The group’s members consist of U-God’s son iNTeLL and Method Man’s son PXWER. The group dropped their debut single “7 O.D.” in November of last year and payed homage to their influential families that came before them. With a 90’s style Hip Hop foundation and a fresh spin on Wu-Tang references and lyrics, the group has proven they are not a carbon copy of what has come before them. They’re forging their own path to celebrate their version of Wu for generations to come.

The group kicked off 2020 by releasing “New Generation“, a vibey deep space track with dark and eerie tones that lean back to the atmospheric joints of Gravediggaz while staying very close to Wu’s musical past. Months later, we find ourselves with a fresher take on the track feature Wu-Tang member Method man. “New Generation (Remix)” still carries the Trip Hop flavor while injecting the nostalgia we feel when listening to Method Man’s iconic flows. A head banger for sure!

To compliment the spacey feel of the track, you can find the members of the group donning intergalactic gear in their new video on a planet far far away…or is it? This is what 2GWU’s iNTeLL had to say about the inspiration for the video:

“After meeting the Lead Director Ken Ngwa, we pontificated about where the next frontier of Hip Hop would be. If it’s already permeated every crevice of the earth, the next journey is into the stars. What would Hip Hop sound like on Jupiter? Once we had the direction we looked for locations we could manipulate in post production, once we landed on the beach Being cinephiles as well as musicians we instantly thought about Planet Of The Apes and how the characters & the audience believed it was a different planet even though the beach was as familiar as earths.” 

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!