Playlist Alert: TENDER Share their Favorite Tour Tunes

London duo TENDER are about to hit the road in support of their debut album Modern Addiction, out September 1st Via Partisan Records. Following a string of dates in the UK, TENDER will touch down at LA’s The Echo on September 10th to kick off their North American tour.

To celebrate their cross-country romp, TENDER shared a playlist of favorite tracks that best pair with some of the cities where they’ll be playing. From feeling “Hella Good” in Orange County, to reminiscing over Ratatat in NYC, there’s some serious gems in this mix.

Give it a listen and read the story behind their picks below. Be sure to catch TENDER live when they roll through your city in September. Pre-order
Modern Addiction here.

Words by TENDER: 

LA – XYLØ  “America”
This song was co-written with a good friend of ours. I think the lyrics are great. It’s about borders trying to keep people apart. Paige is singing from experiences here and for their first ever track, they nailed it here. Repeat till fade.

Orange County – No Doubt “Hella Good”
This is a pretty nostalgic song for us. I love the production. The tight drumbeat and when the guitar comes in — it’s infectious.

San Francisco – Brian Jonestown Massacre “Anenome”
This track has a swaying feel to it. It makes me think of times when you’re walking along by yourself and you just feel truly content or when you’re on the night bus home after some drinks, imagining you’re in a film about your life or something.

Seattle – Fleet Foxes “Oliver James”
I can relate to this song because my brother’s first and middle name is Oliver James, as well as the opening lyric say by “on the way to your brother’s house.” I’ve always loved Fleet Foxes, but this just gave me a greater affinity with this song.

Vancouver – Bob Moses “Tearin Me Up”
This track is an absolute foot tapper. The bass line is hypnotic and I could listen to this track over and over despite it being super long. That’s a good thing. Its use of building up sections and then suddenly stripping them away back to the bass and drums is perfect.

Denver – Earth, Wind & Fire “After The Love Has Gone”
Taking it back for this one. This is just a great composition. The chord changes are so smooth and the vocals are great. They’re never strained. Just super soft and dynamic.

Chicago – Whitney “Dave’s Song”
This song, as well as the album has a great feel to it. The bass sound is so simple, but evokes the Beatles-esque vibe and I just love that acoustic guitar riff. It’s hard to play a riff with that many ‘hammer-ons’ and ‘pull-offs’ while still making it sound tasteful, but they’ve nailed it here.

Toronto – The Weeknd “The Hills”
This song just has great production throughout. That bass line is bordering on criminal. It compliments the lyrics perfectly. It’s really over the top, but in the context it just makes the song sound massive and it gets away with it where the rest of the instrumentation is either simple, reverby or just super low in the mix.

Philadelphia – The War On Drugs “Thinkin Of A Place”
This song is 11 mins long and apparently cut down from 13, but I haven’t been bored of it yet since first hearing it a little while ago. It’s such a good driving song. The solo sounds improvised and has so much feeling behind it.

NYC – Ratatat “Loud Pipes”
This is a track that we both fell in love with years ago around the time we first started hanging out. This was a regular aux cable mega hit for us in cars and at house parties growing up.

photo by: courtesy of the artist