PLAYLIST: New York City’s Juice share new single and playlist inspired by iconic alt-rock music

New York City-based band Juice formed in Boston when seven members with their own unique personalities bonded over their shared experiences during their freshman year of college. Together, they learned how to embrace their diverse upbringings and develop a distinctive soundscape.

Built upon a blend of pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop all, Juice’s music incorporates insightful narratives that wrestle with notions of despondency, unrequited love and self-acceptance.

The band is comprised of Ben Stevens (vocals), Christian Rose (violin, vocals), Kamau Burton (vocals, acoustic guitar), Daniel Moss (guitar), Michael Ricciardulli (guitar), Rami El-Abidin (bass), and Miles Clyatt (drums). The group released their first EP Workin’ on Lovin’ in 2018  and have not slowed down since.

On June 24, Juice released a new single “Make Pretend,” which ranges from something in vein of an apathetic Julian Casablancas to early 2000s alt-rock and pop-punk territory. This track tackles themes of anxiety, self-doubt, and sheer desperation as one’s world is falling apart in a second, which may be a common thought for many as our everyday lives are constantly changing. “Make Pretend” attempts to balance optimism and instability as we try to make peace with our past.

“Make Pretend” is influenced by Pop Punk, New Wave, Alt Rock, and genres that encompass so much of the music we grew up listening to (and still listen to). The quick pivots in dynamics between different sections of the song felt fitting to bring out the instability and volatility of what’s going on in the character’s head. Bands like Paramore and Green Day do that so well that we were listening to those songs for weeks while writing “Make Pretend.” -Daniel Moss, guitarist

Juice put together an exclusive playlist for Culture Collide of the greatest influences from their recent track. Give it a listen below!




photo by: Samuel David Katz