Barry’s On Broadway: Play The Game With Brent Cowles

A guitarist since the young age of 13, Brent Cowles has explored his craft through the founding of the project You, Me and Apollo, as well as performing and writing under his own name after a short break following the band’s dissolving. His most current material reflects a raw, poetic, and soulful style that greatly affirms his shift into a solo career. We met up with Brent at local favorite Barry’s to talk music, Denver and skeeball.

“This is one of our favorite spots to come, usually late at night after a show, or just hanging around on the South Broadway area. It’s a good place to get some pool and some skeeball in and have drinks with your friends. Our friend group likes to hang around South Broadway because it’s kind of a special place to us. There’s the Hi-Dive and Sputnik and a few other spots like The Hornet that’s been around forever. We all live in this area so we’ve grown up musically here but also as a friend group.” — Brent Cowles

How To Play Skeeball And Win
1. Like bowling, you roll a baseball sized ball up a ramp aiming for holes ranging in point value from 10-100
2. Technique: Focus on the middle of the alley and don’t roll it too hard – this isn’t fastpitch softball.
3. Points: Try for the 50 pointer as opposed to the 100 hole which is far more difficult and not worth a wasted turn.
4. Height: It’s said the lower you are to the machine the better the roll, so try a game on your knees.

Read out full guide below presented by High Noon Vodka: 

photo by: Gigie Hall