PJ brings eloquence and power in recent EP ‘Waiting for Paris’

PJ is best known as a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter, but if you ask her, she would correct you and characterize herself as a “unicorn” as a result of her dynamic background and divergent come-up.

After growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina, PJ jump-started her career after her momentous move to Los Angeles. With move opportunity to shine, PJ quickly established herself as a coveted songwriter with credits ranging from “Left Right Left” for Charlie Path, to “Rivals” [ft. Future] for Usher. PJ’s success does not stop here, though. She went on to build a charming solo discography which includes Walking Around Pools EP [2015] and Rare [2016]. In 2019, she dropped her best-loved single “One Missed Call” and finished a tour with Pink Sweat$.

PJ embraced her bold energy and lively personality and paired it with her unique R&B sound and emulated it on her most recent EP, Waiting for Paris, which is available everywhere music is found. Vulnerable production and woozy beats both bring fantasy and novelty to this new chapter of PJ’s career.

“I’m not just existing; I’m living in my space. I want you to own the space you’re in and wear it proudly. I’m in my own state. I’m fine with that. I’m constantly on my shit right now. It’s about being a better PJ tomorrow. I’m ready for anything.” – PJ

Her latest video for “Element” is a beautiful embodiment of being a powerful woman of color—radiating self-confidence and positive energy. Check it out below and let us know what you think!