Pizza Perfect: Tips From Luke Davis Of Luke’s Craft Pizza, Charleston

Luke’s Craft Pizza is a to-go pizzeria located in a small bungalow on Ashley Avenue, complete with the freshest ingredients for a homemade, locally sourced slice. Luke Davis, the mastermind behind Luke’s Craft Pizza in Charleston has been on a lengthy adventure with the glorious pizza-pie, going from Mellow Mushroom Restaurant to EVO Pizzeria, after attending the Columbus Culinary Institute. Davis has a pizza-cutter tattoo on his arm, proudly wearing proof of his dedication to slangin’ dough. When we had the chance to pick his brain, Davis gave us some pointers on what it takes to make a pizza taste great.

CC: What are your tips for making a great pizza?
Luke“Every component is equally important—from the proofing of the dough, to the quality of the cheese, and the flavor of the sauce. Balance is key, and less is usually more.”

CC: Favorite pizza toppings?
Luke: “There’s something about a classic, simple cheese pizza (with either a tomato or olive oil base) made with quality ingredients. You can really taste everything that has gone into it.”

CC: What makes a good crust?
Luke: “The dough should be properly proofed, and baked in a high heat oven.”

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photo by: courtesy of Luke's Craft Pizza