QUARANZINE: Peach Tree Rascals

Peach Tree Rascals are in their feels and so are we. The group ask for better times on vibey new R&B track “not ok”. 

LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals channel their first-generation immigrant upbringings into their creative mentality, taking a 360 hands-on approach to their music. The five-piece write, record, and produce their music, as well as conceptualize and film all their music videos themselves. Born out of the immense sonic landscape where alternative-R&B, pop, rock, and hip-hop come together, Peach Tree Rascals’ songs confront self-acceptance, disillusioned realities, and the pursuit of fervent aspirations.

The group has been relentlessly dropping eclectic track after track over the past year with songs like “Mariposa“, “Mango“, and most recently “Things Won’t Go My Way“. Today we find ourselves reflecting with their newest single “not ok“.  Taking on themes of wanting to escape a moment of darkness, the track is the perfect choice to play when you’re trapped in your room and not feeling too great. So, pretty much every day in quarantine.

We had the chance to chat with the group about hopping on QUARANZINE and were lucky enough to scoop an awesome and exclusive playlist to jam out to while we’re social distancing. Here’s what they had to say about the playlist.

Here are some songs we love by artists we’re fans of that remind us to stay inside and be optimistic about the current situation of the world. Be safe!” Enjoy!

You can listen to “no ok” out now. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachtreerascal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peachtreerascal/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peachtreerascal/

photo by: Jorge Olazaba