Parrot Dream Deliver Chiming, Synth Washed Dream Pop on “Paradise & Prey”
song premiere

Brooklyn-based duo Parrot Dream create the kind of hypnotic, hazy indie rock that draws immediate comparisons to Beach House. But that is simply a lazily drawn conclusion based on the band’s outward aesthetic. Look a little close and you will see some deep Freudian nuance. Lead singer Christina Appel is not channeling her own lethargic angst, but is instead singing the poetry of fellow band co-founder Gonzalo Guerrero, expressing the unresolved emotions he has toward his father.

Oscillating between uplifting and elegiac, “Paradise & Prey” draws you in to wade in deep, kaleidoscopic pools of sound as the voice, guitar and synth washes build up towering, crystalline crescendos. Describing the meaning behind the song, the duo explain:

“We started writing ‘Paradise & Prey’ right before moving to New York so it essentially serves as a musical link between our EP and this upcoming album. The lyrics are inspired by the song’s repeating melody, which resonates like the slow, sure-footed steps of statue-like men moving in a spiritual procession through a world that contains both birds of paradise and birds of prey.”

Listen to “Paradise & Prey” below: 

photo by: Stephanie Griffin