LISTEN: Paper Citizen releases new single “Indigo September”

The latest release from musician and producer Claire Gohst captures the balance between the fear and peace found in a budding relationship.

Gohst’s Paper Citizen project has an infectious, indie-rock vibe—there’s spacious and sweet guitars, crisp vocals, intimate and honest lyricism, truly everything a listener can ask for on a track. A little guitar riff defines the song’s intro and is played consistently as Gohst starts singing about how someone makes her feel.

She uses beautiful comparisons between months of the year and colors of the rainbow in order to mark time in this relationship. Simultaneously, this choice also allows her to track her emotions for the listener within the time she sings about. Gohst sings how her mood changes with the weather and that she falls in love during the sunny, summer months, perfectly illustrating her lyrical technique.

“’Indigo September’ is a feeling of being in an emotional flux that’s a careful dance between facing fear and finding serenity. Just as still waters run deep, we relish the beauty of its superficial truth and leave love’s fiction unwritten,” Gohst said.

Gohst also just has a damn good voice that she controls with strength. “Indigo September” is a song you need to listen to.

“Indigo September” comes ahead of Gohst’s next project Scratching the Surface, which will be out in the spring.

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photo by: MK Sadler