Pan-American Latinx Group LADAMA Releases “Cumbia Brasileira”
video premiere

Just coming off a fall tour in the U.S., Latin alternative music group LADAMA has released the music video for “Cumbia Brasileira,” a hit track off their self-titled record LADAMA. “Cumbia Brasileira” features acoustic bandola llanera (a guitar-like instrument), a strong and steady beat and the lively combination of vocals from both LADAMA and a group local to Colombia. 

As the members of LADAMA hail from all over South and North America, Cumbia, a folkloric rhythm, dance, and cultural expression with roots in Colombia, is not necessarily LADAMA’s “defining culture,” but it is a “fertile musical ground to meet upon.” The group continues:

“This idea of cultural and musical sharing brought us to Cali, Colombia where we spent a day playing our songs with Escuela Canalón de Timbiquí — a group of young, traditional musicians from the Pacific Coast — with whom we became acquainted with through Nidia Gongora, an important pioneer of the music of the Afro-Colombian Pacific Coast. In turn they shared their Currulao, Juga and Bunde and afterwards we celebrated by jamming Cumbia — our lingua franca and our homage to diversity.”

Check out LADAMA’s “homenaje a la diversidad,” (homage to diversity), “Cumbia Brasileira” below.

photo by: background: Jin Guan Koh/Flickr