Nik Freitas Turns to Old School Animator for “Machine” Video
video premiere

Combine a folk pop gem and an animated robot race, and you’ve got Nik Freitas’ latest video for “Machine.”

With an old school hand drawn style, the visuals certainly match the vintage sonic vibe while the subject matter aligns with Freitas’ observations on technology. Animated by Tim Lierman, the upbeat video complements Freitas’ dynamic energy, and points to a childhood dream of building a robot friend. On the collaboration, he comments:

“I truly think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever got to do with my own music and am so stoked how it turned out.  More than trying to get my music out there to be heard though, I really want people to see Tim’s art — it’s really incredible how he works, hand drawn frame by frame stop motion. It’s frankly mind blowing.  I would love to see a full on full length movie with his vision and artwork.  Everybody go check him out. Thank you Tim!”

A prolific artist and multi-instrumentalist, Freitas has released seven records and toured extensively. He currently plays in Connor Oberst’s Mystic Valley Band. Watch the video for “Machine” below, off  his latest album Day & Dark, out now. 

photo by: courtesy of the artist