Nightly’s new single “he movies” ft. Charli Adams takes you on a whirlwind romantic ride

What a way to sweep us off our feet! Nightly’s new single “The Movies” ft. Charli Adams takes you on a whirlwind romantic ride. 

Cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta along with gifted drummer Nick Sainato, are the powerful forces behind alternative pop band Nightly. Their latest single “the movies” is a cinematic track that oozes with energetic soul. Featuring alt-rock newcomer Charli Adams, the song showcases commanding vocals ascending atop bold arrangements of vibrant percussion and pounding drums. Capeci and Beretta fervently singing, “Cause when we touch, something in it moves me. I swear to God, feels just like the movies,” the track narrates a connection so intense it feels like something straight off a movie screen.

Nashville natives Nightly have seen success performing alongside prominent artists such as The Night Game, K. Flay and The Struts.  Known for vast, soaring soundscapes and a uniquely haunting tone, it’s easy to get swept away in their mesmerizing music. Take a listen to “the movies” and be transported to a world of filmic bliss.