Nathy Peluso releases video for her new single “Buenos Aires”
Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso delivers a nostalgic R&B jam fondly titled “Buenos Aires” where she reminisces about her childhood in Argentina while also sharing preserved footage from her youth mixed with current day to day footage in her Barcelona home in a quarantine style video.

Nathy Peluso is a Barcelona-based singer-songwriter from Argentina and an artist you most definitely want to keep tabs on. She grew up surrounded by music and takes direct influence from legendary artists like Ray Charles, Joao Gilberto, D’Angelo, Ella Fitzgerald, and Atahualpa Yupanqui which can totally be found in her art.

Buenos Aires” is vibey, nostalgic, and warm because of its flow and melodies. The track possesses infectious instrumentation flavored with Latino Pop, contemporary R&B, and jazz elements. Here is what Peluso had to say about “Buenos Aires”:

“One day I woke up with a very clear melody in my head, I immediately recorded it in voice notes on my cell phone and days later I took it to the studio, that’s how Buenos Aires was born as a result of that little piece of melody. All the songwriting craftsmanship was a direct connection to the Argentine music I grew up with. While composing it I found myself inhabiting a musical moment in Argentina that represents me, music that accompanied me since I was little.

I wrote the lyrics that same day, they were born from sincerity, the melody made me feel a sense of nostalgia from the beginning. Since I couldn’t find the verses in the studio, I grabbed a taxi and wrote it inside the taxi, during the journey. I wanted to write with lots of depth again, I really wanted to get between the game of metaphors and the simple, the dreamlike and the everyday.

When I listened to it I could only think of Buenos Aires, it was loaded with a lot of non-explicit information that led me directly to the feeling of being there, it is difficult to explain. That’s why I called it like that. It reminded me of the feeling when I listen to “Viernes 3am”, the feeling of being at home, in that inner home.

Recording this song in the studio La Diosa was an emotional journey, to be accompanied by such immense musicians who were also Luis’s companions for me it was a gift from life, and the song played in such a way that it took on a life of its own, it has an identity that represents me in the most profound way. El Flaco made songs that were, are and will be the soundtrack of my life, and being able to have this opportunity fills me with gratitude.”

You can check out Nathy Peluso’s brand new video for “Buenos Aires” now. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!