Music Tastes Good Spotlight: Jeffrey Vance
music tastes good

The third annual Music Tastes Good festival returns to Long Beach this September with an eclectic lineup including New Order (Their only West coast appearance this year), James BlakeJanelle Monae and many other bands from across the musical spectrum.

The talent isn’t just onstage though. Some of the west coast’s biggest rock star chefs are also on the bill. With the Taste Tent now open to all attendees (not just VIP), concert goers can enjoy the music while sampling food from some of the best chefs, restaurants and pop-ups on the west coast

Collide had the chance to chat with Jeffrey Vance, just one of the many participating chefs. Vance has two locations in the historic Belltown neighborhoods of Seattle. No Anchor is an upscale but relaxed beer bar with an amazingly curated esoteric beer list and some of the most interesting food in Seattle.  Navy Strength is a “Proto-Tiki” bar. At Navy Strength Vance focuses on big bold flavors from all over the world and just won The Best New American Cocktail Bar at The Spirit Awards in New Orleans.

Jeffrey will be at Music Tastes Good on Saturday, day one of the festival 

Favorite Band:
Minor Threat

Favorite song:
Right now it would have to be “Calm E” by Culture Abuse

First concert:
Bush and No Doubt

Who do you like to listen to in the kitchen?
The first 3 Metallica albums are the best prep music. We don’t listen to music during service.

Who are you most excited to see at MTG?
Super stoked for Princess Nokia but New Order is LEGENDARY

Is this your first MTG?

What are you making or what should attendees look for from you at the show?
We are making our famous Shrimp Roll from No Anchor.

Favorite concert food?

What would you change about concert food?
More vegetarian options. 

How would you spice up that stale pretzel or arena hot dog?
If I can take anything from our guests I would say putting melted cheese on anything is a winner so Pretzels and Hot Dogs already killing it.   

If you could cook for any artist/musician who would it be?
Sir Paul McCartney

What would you make?
Obviously something vegan

What song best describes your cooking style:/personality?
“My Rules” by Black Flag. 

Music Tastes Good takes place on Sept 29 & 30 at the Marina Green Park in Long Beach.

Tickets are available now!

photo by: Chris Goldberg/Flickr