Moon Honey’s Technicolor “Betta Fish”

Psych-pop, art duo Moon Honey unveil their avant-garde gem “Betta Fish,” available now. The song marks the band’s first first release since their 2013 debut, Hand-Painted Dream Photographs.

NOLA’s Moon Honey is comprised of lead vocalist, visual artist and lyricist, Jess Joy, and guitarist and composer, Andrew Martin. Together they create a visual and aural world that encompasses psychedelia, rock, soul, performance art, hand-made costumes and stage sets, and in spirit of the bayou, a little voodoo.

“We really believe in the human hand,” says Jess. “I want everything to be tactile and have irregularities.”

For their latest record, Moon Honey moved to Los Angeles, and started working with producer John Goodmanson [Blonde Redhead, Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie] to bring their phantasmagoric vision to life. See that vision in real-time when Moon Honey headlines Teragram Ballroom this Thursday, December 14th. Get tickets here.

  Check out Moon Honey’s prismatic “Betta Fish” now, and check out their interview below:

Culture Collide: First concert you saw and where and with whom:
Andrew: The Who in Little Rock, Arkansas with my whole family.
Jess: Fleetwood Mac live on tv with my dad, then Jazz Fest at 13 in New Orleans with my best friend Julia.

CC: If you could have a day off in any city solely based on the food there, which city would you choose:
Moon Honey: Los Angeles. This is why we moved here.

CC: Studio food delivery order when recording:
MH: Tacos.

CC: Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song:
Jess: I love writing in the bathtub. I’ve always had roommates and almost always shared a bedroom, so the bathroom has been the one constant symbol of solitude and privacy in my life. If the water is cold when I get out, it is a great success for me and a great annoyance to my roommates.

CC: Favorite city and venue to see a show:
Jess: Big Sur and the Henry Miller Library. I saw a beautiful Joanna Newsom show there on a birthday trip.

CC: What would be your dream collaboration?
Jess: All I want to do in life is make a music video with Alejandro Jodorowsky. If I keep repeating this to everyone I meet, I may have a higher chance.

CC: Five studio necessities when recording:
Andrew: Whiskey, Wine, Whiskey, Wine, Whiskey.

CC: If you were a baseball player, what song would play you to the plate:
Andrew: Bob Dylan “The Man in Me”

CC: Guilty pleasure song of 2017:
Jess: My favorite pop stars who didn’t all release in 2017 are Beyonce, Sia, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus! I find no shame in this. Beyonce’s albums are genius.

CC: Top 5 tracks you are spinning right now:
Andrew: Rolling Stones “Plundered My Soul” and Bob Marley “Small Axe.”

CC: Favorite vegan ice cream spot in LA:
Andrew: Our friend Nancy Kuo makes the dreamiest ice cream in town. Stalk her on Facebook and get some of this #rare cream. It’s a gift to the planet.

CC: Cashew or almond milk:
MH: Both.

CC: Did you make a tofurkey for Thanksgiving this year?
Andrew: I actually did. I did a really bad job of cooking it but my friends were nice and told me it was good. Love tofurkey.
Jess: Of course!

CC: Are there any foods you miss being vegan:
MH: No way. Just like we don’t miss former friends who turned out to be assholes.