Montreal’s Common Holly Names the Top 5 Gigs of Her Life

In her latest work, Montreal artist Common Holly, (AKA Brigitte Naggar) takes on the coming of age tale with a compositional artistry way beyond her years. By combining folk and electronic with hints of punk, Naggar breaks up the cinematic and inserts a bit of chaos. Her latest single “If After All” beautifully captures this duality, and acts as the perfect introduction to her forthcoming album Playing House. Don’t miss Common Holly’s August tour dates and check out her top 5 favorite shows below.

Words by Common Holly: 

1. Mal Devisa at Otis Mountain Festival (Elizabethtown NY)
Mal Devisa is a punk-ass Nina Simone of the 2000s. I was taken by surprise when I happened upon her show at Otis Mountain. I was fixated…it changed me. How could I feel at once empowered and completely broken? I think from that day on I discovered a standard for performance that I never knew existed and it serves as a constant inspiration for me as a performer.

2. Circuit des Yeux and Year of Glad at Rialto theatre (Montreal)
I went to go see my pals in Year of Glad for the first time—their show was an enormous majestic mess of angsty, beautiful sound. And then I discovered the haunting croon of Circuit des Yeux, backlit, face hidden behind strands of hair, refreshingly ungendered both sonically and aesthetically. She left me in awe with her torturous twelve-string delayed twangs and brooding poetry.

3. Land of Talk and Half Waif (and me!) at Sled Island Festival (Calgary)
It was such an honour to get to open for two of my all-time musical heroes, Land of Talk and Half Waif. I think I spent several cumulative minutes repeating to people that this was “the best night of my life,” both because the venue gave me many drink tickets but also because wow these women are such POWERFUL forces in music and I was so inspired.

4. Little Kid at La Vitrola (Montreal)
Little Kid is Toronto’s best kept secret, but it shouldn’t be at secret at all. Their debut record, Flowers, is full of clever confession and perfectly packaged musical choices. The first performance I saw of theirs had me entirely convinced. CommonHolly is so excited to be opening their second album release show August 25 at the Burdock in Toronto.

5. Ty Segall at Rialto theatre (Montreal)
Ty Segall is a performance monster and this band is incredible. Completely unique, hilarious, and also kind of frightening. At this show, Ty Segall was sporting a construction jumpsuit and an enormous baby head and trying to speak french (that was nice of him).

photo by: Sean Mundy Photography