Monday Playlist: Swipe Right (2/12)
monday playlist

Valentine’s Day stirs up all kinds of emotions and understandably so.

Navigating romance and dating in today’s world with apps, swipes, ghosting, bread-crumbing, and all the rest can be awkward and beyond frustrating. Inspired by modern love in the digital age, we’ve assembled “Swipe Right” a playlist that captures all the feels of dating today.

COLLiDE’s Swipe Right Playlist includes Childbirth’s “Siri, Open Tinder,” Neon Trees’ “Text Me In The Morning” and pronoun’s “There’s no-one new around you”, among many other songs that speak perfectly to the highs and lows of present-day relationships.  

But lets not forget what Valentine’s Day truly represents: love in all its forms. Self love, romantic love, love for your besties and family members who always hold you down, and loving thy neighbor (like the barista who has your coffee order on lock). Therefore we’ve also included some empowering anthems like Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” and Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” to serve as a reminder that you got all that you need.

This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to embrace love in all its form and let the good vibes flow.