Monday Plans: Zuli @ Hi Hat
Long Island

Long Island native Zuli is bringing his psych tinged indie pop to the Eastside tonight for a suicide prevention benefit at the Hi Hat alongside WELFAIR, Twin Seas, Amindi K. Fro$t, Katzu Oso.  The upcoming full length release On Human Freakout Mountain, will be out October 20 via Swoon City for your listening pleasure.  If you don’t live in LA, no sweat, they have their album release show in NYC, October 28th at the Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn.  Give the track “Blaze” a spin and then head over to Highland Park and check Zuli out for yourself.

As Zuli makes his way across the country for his LA show we chatted about how he travels and what he likes to eat along the way.  Check out Zuli’s guide to NYC here.

Favorite city to have a day off:
San Francisco

Best city to go see a show and what venue:
NYC – Music Hall of Williamsburg / Rough Trade

Favorite city to play:
Atlanta or Athens, GA – always a great time. 

What venue has the best hospitality backstage:
House of Blues – New Orleans 

Favorite road meal:
Cracker Barrel or Taco Bell unfortunately.  

If you could go to one city and have one meal what would it be and where would you go:
Some gnocchi in Florence, Italy. 

Who is the van DJ and what do they play:
I’d say me and Greg. Anything from Phantom of the Opera to George Michael. 

Room service order:
Sunny side eggs, bacon and home fries. 

What city inspires you musically:
New York City

Studio Seamless order when recording:
Burrito no question. 

What’s in your rider:
Tea / Water / bottle of Tequila

Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song:
On the bus. 

Google Maps or Waze:
Google Maps

Snapchat or IG:

Uber or Lyft:
Lyft! Pays those drivers better <3

photo by: Kimberly Young Sun