MONDAY PLANS: From BK to LA – High Waisted at Harvard & Stone
show preview

Brooklyn four-some High Waisted make their way west for a show at Harvard & Stone tonight with fellow surf rockers The Coax.  Touring behind their spilt 7″ the mad merry makers are here for a night of chilled out hooks, party vibes and PBRs.  Doors are 9pm.  Be there or be square.

We caught up to chat with High Waisted in their van while they were literally crossing into the great state of California to chat tour tactics and staying sane on the road.

Favorite meal your grandmother used to make that reminds you of home: 

Stuffed bell peppers in red sauce.

Must have tour bus/van snacks:

Chips and salsa, hummus and tomatoes, Greek yogurt with fruit, Flaming Hot Cheetos, string cheese.

Top 5 travel must haves on the road:

  1. Make up wipes.
  2. Electrical tape.
  3. A cooler.
  4. Microwaveable bowl.
  5. Extra long phone chargers. 

Pre show drink:

Topo Chico.

Post show drink: 

Ice cold PBR.

Favorite city to have a day off:

 Austin, Texas so we can go swimming and eat too many tacos. 

Favorite city to play:

Anywhere in Ohio because the people are so nice. 

Best city to go see a show and what venue:

Blockhouse Bar in Bloomington, Indiana. The space is beautiful with wood walls, plush vintage couches and chairs and tons of dark corners to whisper secrets in. Plus, they have habanero beer on draft! 

Favorite road meal:

Home cooked meals by friends and family. We do a lot of soups and salads. 

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Chocolate and peanut butter. 

If you could go to one city and have one meal what would it be and where would you go:

El Taco De Mexico in Denver, Colorado. It’s a no frills hole in the wall but they have the best green chili burritos and creepy neon lighting. 

Who is the van DJ and what do they play:

We like to listen to entire records, and listen to the bands we’re playing with. The driver gets to DJ. Stephen jams old country records. Jono loves dream pop and psychedelic tunes. Richey throws mini van dance parties with gothic new wave jams.  Jess likes to put in podcasts and comedy. 

Room service order:

We have never had this luxury but it would probably be grilled cheese and champagne.

What city inspires you musically:

The scenery. Conflict. Global state of affairs. Misogyny. Sunsets. The lower east side. Hangovers. Married men. 

Studio Seamless order when recording:


What’s in your rider: 

Water, cider, veggie platter.  

Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song:

Riding a bicycle. The toilet. 

Google Maps or Waze:

Waze for life. 

Snapchat or IG:

IG. Duh.

Uber or Lyft:

Walk or take the van.


photo by: Brittany Halberg