Milo Greene Goes Full ’80s Pastiche on Sultry Video for “Move”
video premiere

Before the ‘80s, dance music was a disco-driven, light hearted affair.

Soulful, yes but lacking a dark side. The subsequent decade however, found goths creeping out of the underground and onto the dance floor. The resulting clash was a synth-pop exterior driven by an unwavering punk ethos. LA’s Milo Greene perfectly captures this pulsing vibe on the first single off their upcoming album Adult Contemporary. The music for “Move” and its accompanying video diffuses something both sinister and sensual, vacillating between ‘80s pastiche and a certain level of humor that comes with parodying such a moody decade. Even the record’s title pokes fun at the genre that Milo Greene has reclaimed as their own. Visually, the audience finds itself in a staring contest with lead singer Marlana, and her piercing gaze not only provides an unsettling dissonance, but also pays homage to those close-up dramatics that were so popular back in the day. She says,

“The absurdity of this concept made it nearly impossible to keep from laughing while filming. How can you take it seriously when someone’s job is to physically make sure a fan is blowing in your face at all times? Adult Contemporary at its core.”

The release of Adult Contemporary marks the first time in the three years the band will be touring. Check out the dates here and be sure to keep an eye out for the new album, out September 7. Watch the video for “Move” below:

photo by: Eliot Lee Hazel