Mellow Moonstruck Musings from Red-Blooded Rockers Russian Baths
video premiere

Brooklyn, NY-based noise-rockers Russian Baths produce powerful walls of incendiary guitar ambience, which they tear down at a moment’s notice, making room for singer Jess Rees’ lulling vocals.

The quartet’s eerie dynamics often appear at odds with one another in a practical sense, but the strange combination of aggressive tones and mellow moonstruck musings set the talented band further apart from their many Brooklyn counterparts. This is primo, post-hardcore pop in the vein of early Chapel Hill, with a dash of 70s space rock and raw Pixie-esque sparsity.

Today, Culture Collide has the pleasure of premiering their newest track/video “Poolhouse”, featuring a one-take headshot of Rees singing deadpan into the camera, cloaked in florescent blue light. The song is emblematic of their increasingly progressive aesthetic which seems to evolve to a new plateau with each subsequent release. It’s enough to keep your eyes and ears glued to screen without hijacking your senses. According to Jess,

“Poolhouse’ is about an existential crisis. It’s about feeling so overwhelmed that you can’t see the way out. It’s about moments of calm and hope being submerged in waves of pressure. It’s about losing your breath because of fear.”

Watch the video for “Poolhouse” below:

photo by: courtesy of the artist