Meet Love Fame Tragedy, the creation from The Wombats Matthew “Murph” Murphy

Though it’s new to us, The Wombats’ Matthew “Murph” Murphy has known Love Fame Tragedy for some time now.

The project began as a small collection of personal songs which didn’t quite fit Wombats’ fourth record Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life and eventually blossomed into what it is today. With the recent release of “My Cheating Heart,” Murph is ready for his fanbase to meet Love Fame Tragedy.

We sat down and spoke to Murph about what listeners can expect from the new side project:

CC: To start off, How did your solo project, Love Fame Tragedy come about?

M: There were some songs left from The Wombats fourth album which I thought were good and the plan was to just call myself some stupid name and whack them up online. It was more for the hardcore fans and as things progressed, I started to write more songs for the project and it became more and more of a different thing entirely. I decided to rope some of my friends into it, primarily so I could talk more about them and less about me.

CC: How would you describe your upcoming EP and how would you compare it to the Wombats’ current albums?

M: It’s a hard question for me because I’m thirty-four. I wanted to create an album so the fact that it’s coming out all in EPs, was not my vision but that’s the world is going. I am really excited about it. It’s similar to The Wombats in similar ways in the sense that it’s my voice. It’s a bit weird and stuff. It was more in the studio that myself and Mark really tried to differentiate it. One of the big things I wanted to do was not layer my voice too much. I focused on spending more time recording one good vocal track which is easier and quicker. My wife said I sounded like a robot on a lot of songs, I was like okay I don’t want to do that.

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CC: What made you choose My Cheating Heart as your debut versus singles the other three songs on the track?

M: I just write songs and let other people choose which ones come out first, second, third, etc. I think that song was one of the ones that got me mega excited for the project. I am happy that they chose it to be released first. 

CC: Did you find it hard writing songs without your Wombats bandmates?

M: No, the first three Wombats albums were predominantly me writing anyway and the fourth was more collaboration. It was fun writing with them but it is fun writing by myself. I enjoy writing with anyone really. It’s one of the things I’ve learned about L.A., there’s a lot of collaboration that goes on here. So, no but I get to collaborate with them on the next Wombats album.

CC: How do you feel like fans of The Wombats and new listeners have reacted to your new project?

M: I don’t know. I think it’s been good. I hope they see it more than just a solo project as I do. I don’t read youtube comments. I don’t know really. I think likely, they assume that I am not apart of The Wombats anymore which isn’t the case. It’s a side project really. I think it’s going well.

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CC: Are there any other artists that have helped you along with your songwriting process?

M: I was listening to Beck on the way here, I was trying to figure out what he does with sound and structure and I was about to call the guy who does produce all of my stuff and ask him about trying different things, but I realized that he just got back from Glastonbury and is probably crying in a room somewhere.I’ve been listening to a lot of Beck and Foals. I would love to collaborate to Yanis from Foals to collaborate.

CC:  Do you have any other creative outlets besides music that you enjoy?

M: I love Ashley Longshore’s work. I went to an art store and never used it but I want to get into drawing. I play a lot of golf and that’s a lot of fun for me.


You can now stream and watch the video for his brand new single “Backflip” now! 

photo by: Makenna Magdaleno-Mague