Matt Holubowski Thrills Hometown Crowd at Osheaga in Montréal

Canadian folk musician Matt Holubowski capped off a spectacular homecoming by playing the Osheaga festival in his native Montréal.

Already a star north of the border, Holubowski is poised to make his U.S. debut with the August 31st release of his LP Solitudes (Epilogue). His poetic and haunting folk ballads are sure to enthrall American audiences. Holubowski calls himself “a young man making old music,” and his traditional attention to detail is paying off. He’s got the talent and creativity to back up the image, and is definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on. He’s garnered praise from the likes of Ben Folds, as well as from The Cure’s frontman Robert Smith; big names, to say the least!

Holubowski took photos at the Osheaga festival and did a recap of the event. Be sure to check it out below and watch for his LP Solitudes, due out August 31st!


photo by: courtesy of the artist