Matt Costa Drops A Collection of Narrative Tracks “The Road To Santa Rosa Fangs”
video premiere

Matt Costa has reimagined his first album in five years, transforming Santa Rosa Fangs into more than just a record.  

Working hard for the past few years, Costa has mashed together three narratives into one on the video for “The Road To Santa Rosa Fangs.” Sonically it calls on the most traditional of beginnings — a simple, sliding acoustic chord progression on the guitar. Costa takes the listener on a journey through the different emotions of his week. With his rustic, folk-pop vocals, he describes the California highway, long days at work, and a busy life. He hints at the uncertainty of being an adult in a working world, and sings “how they don’t tell ya….what’s between and before us/ the mystery lies/ in mystic eyes.” With a lilting flute and a humming almost like a kazoo in the background, the song takes on a mystical feeling.  His voice echoes through and rings true to the end of the song.

Costa is releasing the Novella Edition of his album, Santa Rosa Fangs. This includes bonus tracks and Costa’s own narration on the drive behind these coming-of-age tales lived and breathed out on the California coastline. Costa said, “I’ve interwoven my own stories into a fictional idea of what Santa Rosa Fangs is, from my own time spent living in Northern and Southern California and years driving up and down the coast, seeing the landscape and where life can pull you within one state.”

The reissue of Santa Rosa Fangs is out via Dangerbird Records on October 5th. Watch the video for “The Road To Santa Rosa Fangs” below:


photo by: Pamela Littky; Alex Ramirez