Dive into Iceland’s Beauty with Mammút’s Guide to Reykjavík


Mammút which translates to “mammoth” in Icelandic, is the perfect word to describe the magnitude of the band’s sound and vision. Based in Reykjavík, the group has made waves in their home country with their combination of moody alt rock, sweeping arrangements and singer Katrina Mogensen’s powerful lead vocals. The band is set to release their fourth full-length this Friday, July 14 on Bella Union. Titled Kinder Visions, it’s their first album in English — a sign the band’s influence is stretching beyond their Icelandic roots, and into newer territory. Ahead of their summer release, we asked the band about their favorite hometown spots including some places every visitor should hit up.

Listen to new track “Breath Into Me” below and read on to discover more about the Icelandic capital. 

What distinguishes Reykjavík from other Icelandic cities?
Reykjavík is the only city in Iceland and it is even surprising that Reykjavík is called a city, I think it will surprise you when you get there. It’s more of a little town, but Reykjavík is very proud of this metropolitan title.

Best Icelandic band?
There are very many best bands in Iceland, to name a few, Ayia is a great band, and we have a crazy rapper named Kött Grà Pjé. Then we have the epic Agent Fresco. The punk band Börn and then we have a lot of beautiful choirs.

Best song sung in icelandic?
“Kata Rokkar” by Bjork. It’s basically Björk singing about Kata (the name of the singer of Mammút) and how she rocks and how she is cheerful and has golden blonde locks.

Icelandic words and phrases tourists should know when they visit?
“Blessarr marr” (hi dude).

Best Icelandic dish and where to get it?
Icelandic dish would be at a restaurant called Restó, they have the best fish and then Messinn also has great fish.

Best dive bar?
Paloma, must be the place.

Favorite late-night haunts?
Just take a walk in the summer sun, by the seaside, sit on the stones and inhale the incredible air.

Best record shops?
Lucky Records: a passionate record store where you can find what your mind desires.

Most inspirational landmarks?
There is a lot to take in with all the incredible surroundings, but I think when you grow up in Reykjavík the mountain Esja gives you a lot of inspiration. She is very humble but always stable and a great mountain.

Most unexpected attraction in Reykjavík?
The tap water and the fresh air is the one thing, we miss the water most while traveling so we consider it an attraction. Never buy water in Iceland, it’s this crazy tourist hoax.

One place every newcomer should check out
The swimming pools that are all around Iceland, they are hot and cold and they charge your energy.

photo by: courtesy of the artist