Mad Hawkes Don’t Give A F*ck on ‘Fantasy’

California girl Mad Hawkes refers to her free-spirited anthems as “Babe Rock,” citing Karon O and Amy Winehouse as influences.

The pairing is fitting as Mad Hawkes lead singer Maddi, has a vintage flair similar to the styling of Amy Winehouse, and a bold sound that gets people on their feet.

At their recent show at LA’s The Satellite people were, in fact, singing and dancing, an impressive feet to achieve at any show. Maddi interchanged from singing and bopping around stage, to rocking out on her red guitar. Her band rounded things out on drum and keyboard, while wearing cropped bright red wigs and white smock-like dresses, a reminder to let loose and enjoy the moment.

Mad Hawkes incorporates her laid-back beach upbringing into her life, by swinging with the punches and not letting things weigh her down for too long. On lead single “Fantasy”  Maddi sings about moving through a break up. The euphoric chorus offers the perfect emotional release for shouting in unison about wanting to “not give a f*ck!”

Keep an eye-out for the release of Mad Hawkes’ debut EP coming this Spring 2018.

Listen to Mad Hawkes’ “Fantasy” now: