Lola Marsh’s Track By Track Guide To Tel Aviv
lola marsh

Tel Aviv based duo Lola Marsh is comprised of the endearing, sonorous singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and enchanting multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau. The pair’s uplifting, dreamy melodies feel just right with perfectly placed whistling, percussion, and opulent vocals, as heard on their latest single “Wishing Girl.” Think Freedom Fry and Lana Del Rey meets Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Lola Marsh are set to release their debut record, Remember Roses tomorrow June 9. To get even more excited for their release (and to inspire a bit of wanderlust), Yael and Gil took Culture Collide on a tour of their Tel Aviv neighborhood and the local spots that share a connection with each song on their debut album.

HaMiznon Restaurant
An amazing place to grab street food with class. Last time we were there, “Wishing Girl” started playing the moment we sat down.

Kerem HaTeimanim Neighborhood
A small magical and crowded ancient neighborhood with a huge market. Gil used to live here and we wrote “Stranger” in his home studio.

Geula Beach
The Tel Aviv experience is incomplete without a visit to the beach. We are not beach people, but still liked to go here from time to time. Some lyrics off “The Wind” were written at this beach.

Otsar Bar
We love going dancing or just having a beer with friends at this small club/bar. One time a DJ played a cool remix of “Sirens” here.

Sderot Chen Boulevard
A beautiful quiet boulevard. We shot an acoustic version of “You’re Mine” for our La Blogothèque session here.

Habima Square
A very beautiful place next to the National Theater (Habima), by where Yaeli used to live. There’s a big rose garden that reminds Yaeli of the rose garden at her childhood home, and inspired us to write our song “Remember Roses.”

Jaffa Flea Market
When we started out, we used to play in the street. We found a good spot next to this flee market, but there was a Greek restaurant that played loud Greek music next to us, so we had battles with them all the time! When we played our song “Hometown” we always won!

Hoodna Bar
A cool shanti bar in the Florentine area. Our first show was here and we played in front of 70 people (most of them friends and family). We always think about this place when we play “In Good Times.”

Port Said Restaurant
The best place to eat and hang out. Sometimes after long sessions we’d go here to eat and meet friends. A few nights ago we sat here and threw-out ideas for the “She’s a Rainbow” video.

Little Prince Bookshop/Cafe
A magical coffee shop and second hand bookstore. We love to sit here and get inspired. Our song “Morning Bells” was written one morning after we sat here for coffee. 

Bacho Coffee
A cute coffee shop next to Gil’s apartment, we always sit here with our laptops and work! The playlist here is great! Once we heard a beautiful French album that reminded us of “Le Sud,” a song we covered on our record.

Yafo Creative House
A beautiful space in Jaffa for artists to hang out, perform and meet. We once performed an acoustic version of our song “Bluebird” here.

photo by: courtesy of the artist