The Center

“Well, the ’90s are in… and The Center, on Queen’s Road in the Central district of Hong Kong Island really is beautifully representative of the era. With vaporwave-neon lighting at night, ott hyper-reflective metallic surfaces all over the lobby and a general Bateman-esque post-modernist vibe it is probably Hong Kong’s ‘best’ skyscraper, but inevitably plays second fiddle to the much taller IFC and ICC buildings that face each other over Victoria harbour. The Center was completed in 1998, at the zenith (or perhaps the nadir) of the excesses of the late-colonial era in Hong Kong—but it seems for some the party isn’t over, as it was sold outright last year for a record USD $5.2 billion.” — Blood Wine or Honey

photo by: Michael Levine-Clark/Flickr