DeFranko’s Submarines

“DeFranko’s Submarines in Van Nuys CA is a hidden gem of the San Fernando Valley. They have the best sub sandwiches in all of Los Angeles hands down. Another staple of the valley is Bill’s Burgers. Its only open during the weekdays and Bill and Hiroko make the best burgers ever. Don’t try to customize your burger though. Bill is in his 90s now and will not tolerate you if you try to ask for anything other than how he makes it. Fred 62 in Los Feliz has a great classic 50s diner atmosphere with great food, coffee and warm vibes. It is also open 24/7. Philippe The Original in downtown near Chinatown. Its been there for over 100 years and their beef dip sandwiches are undoubtedly a quintessential Los Angeles experience.” – Livingmore