Bootleg Theater

“I love the Bootleg. Every show I’ve seen there had great sound. Sound is important for me to open my heart up to a venue. When it’s good, I’m sold.” – Alicia Blue

“The Bootleg rocks and that’s really the only correct answer. A great view and sound experience no matter where you are. I once hit on what I thought was a gay couple at the bar and they were like ‘what’s up, bro,’ so I think I misread that one, but other than that, always a lovely time. Also the booker has impeccable taste. LA slaps pretty hard when it comes to music venues, though. Moroccan Lounge is another great one.” – Tolliver

Popular venue which pays host to indie bands, as well as theater, spoken-word, and poetry events.

photo by: Justin Higuchi cc Flckr