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Albert Dock

“I’d get people to stay down by the Albert Dock, it’s right on the waterfront which in of itself is ace and there’s a load of cool stuff near there. The Liver buildings, the Tate art gallery, big ships and stuff plus you’re really close to the city centre. Maybe don’t stay in that hotel above the Beatles museum though unless you want to get woken up by the fab 4 doing their thing at 7 in the morning.”  —  Banners

Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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River Mersey

“I love it there. The sense of movement and space. Historically the movement of people in and out of the city via the river is the reason that so much of Liverpool’s culture is so unique to the city. I love that it represents the welcoming nature of the city. And I love the mystery and the hope beyond the horizon once you get out to sea.”  —  Banners

River Mersey, United Kingdom
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