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Karaoke Snack

“As a big karaoke fan, I would say that hitting up at least one karaoke snack is a must in Tokyo. A karaoke snack is a small karaoke bar that tends to fit anywhere from 5-20 people, where everyone in the bar takes turns singing songs that they’ve entered into handheld song entry machines. There are regulars in each “snack” as well as newbies, but after a few lemon sours, they all start to blend into one drunken melody. There is a building in the Ebisu neighborhood that my friends and I endearingly call the “snack building,” which has about 3 karaoke snacks on each floor going up 8 floors. If you find yourself in Ebisu late at night, feel free to pop in, grab a mic, and belt your tune. The snack building is at Ebisu 1-12-7 Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0013.” – Ren Stern

1-chōme-12-7 Ebisu
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