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Light of Bengal

“I like curry. Well the truth is I love poppadoms and it seems that it’s culturally frowned upon to just eat them when you go for a meal so I have to like curry to. My favorite curry place is called the Light of Bengal. I used to go with my mate every week and we’d alternate on a weekly basis who would have to have the hottest curry on the menu. It was horrible and you’d dread it all week if it was your turn. I don’t know who started that tradition or why but we were both too stubborn to end it. For ages. It’s probably taken years off my life. That’s not the Light of Bengals fault though. Point is, we started going there because the food is delicious.”  —  Banners

286 Aigburth Road, Liverpool L17 9PW, UK
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Baltic Market

“The Baltic Market is a market in a relatively new development called the Baltic Triangle. It’s in the old Cains brewery which is an amazing building. I’m really glad it’s being used for something unique and interesting. As much as I LOVE boss buildings getting knocked down and turned into more cheap student accommodation!”  —  Banners

107 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE, UK
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