Lizzie Weber Releases Heartbreak Anthem “You”
video premiere

Folk singer-songwriter Lizzie Weber pours her heart out in “You” from brand new three-song EP.  

The St. Louis, Missouri born and raised, now Pacific Northwest-based singer-songwriter emerged with her self-titled debut album back in 2014, then completely unknown to the St. Louis music scene, and has since released a slow and steady flow of songs. Weber’s “You,” off the brand new three-song EP with the same name, is poetic folk, inviting us in to an intimate moment of loss and love, or in Weber’s own words, “the paralysis that can come with a heartbreak. Specifically: a moment in time where you feel that you’ve been deeply wronged by someone you loved, but in the end admitting you had seen their true colors all along,” and she delivers it beautifully. 

”You” has even been selected for in-store play at Starbucks stores across the world, and Seattle Weekly noted that though “most singer-songwriters can pen a halfway decent breakup tune,” it takes “a deft touch to craft aching odes to relationships’ ends while still maintaining composed confidence devoid of melodrama.” The video is also Weber’s directorial debut. She says:

“This was my first time having the opportunity to direct my own video alongside Brad Conner, who co-directed and was my fantastic DP for the shoot. It was definitely unchartered territory for me, but exciting to have a hands-on approach in terms of the conceptualization. I had a vision for this piece, and knew I wanted the video to reflect the rawness of the song. The setting you’ll see(both in texture and tone) is very similar to the one in which I composed music and lyrics four years ago. I wanted the audience to experience that raw emotion.”

Watch the video for “You” below: