Live Work Play: Brave Baby Gives us a Studio Tour

Brave Baby is made up of five members: Keon Masters, Wolfgang Zimmerman, Christian Chidester, Jordan Hicks and Steven Walker. Their debut album Forty Bells was recorded in a converted storage unit in Charleston, produced primarily by Zimmerman and released in 2012. Their sophomore and most recent studio album Electric Friends, was released in August of 2015. We visited the band in their hometown of Charleston to get an inside look of where they make their music, practice their craft and shoot the occasional hoop.

Keon Masters: It’s kind of been our home where we make music since 2009. I was a sophomore in college when we acquired it and then we made it bigger as the years went on. This spot has been a center-of-town staple and we’ve lived in probably every neighborhood around it. Elliotborough where we are right now has always kind of been the heart and soul of our creative community. Our music scene has grown a lot because of this space, to a realm we never thought we’d get.

Wolfgang Zimmerman: For me it’s been a good spot because I’ve been able to work here but also there hasn’t really been any limits on time — we can stay up here till 4AM and wail on the drums.

Keon: A lot of mojo comes after midnight and sometimes you can’t get that in these neighborhoods. Being in a band it’s everyone’s passion, it’s what we’ve always wanted to do. But in this town we’ve always had supplemental income whether that’s working at a restaurant or hotel or Uber driving, this space has always been our solace and the spot we actually do the things we want to do.

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photo by: Gigie Hall