LISTEN: War on Women call for revolution in vital new LP “Wonderful Hell”

The Baltimore-founded feminist, hardcore punk band calls for action and makes a statement on the tumultuous landscape in the US in 2020.

Wonderful Hell is both cathartic for those anxious about where the country will go in the not-so-distant future and motivating for those ready to make change in the present. Complete with 11 tracks, War on Women don’t hold back on addressing issues like systemic racism, gender disparity and the urge to self-destruct during chaotic times and situations. Though sometimes labeled as “extreme” in their political messages in the past, War on Women have aged beautifully since their beginnings in 2010. The “extreme” is what’s desperately needed now.

“The thing is, we don’t have a do over,” the band’s vocalist Shawna Potter said. “We don’t have a time machine. We can’t snap our fingers and start from some other place.”

“All we have is right here, right now. So what can you do right here, right now, to help?”

Her question is especially timely with the election coming up next week.

Take a listen to Wonderful Hell, then go make plans to vote. Wonderful Hell is out digitally Oct. 30, 2020 and physically Nov. 13, 2020 via Bridge Nine Records. Stream below:




Photo courtesy of War on Women.