LISTEN: UK band The Trusted contemplate life in new EP “Love and Suicide”

Hailing from the south of England, The Trusted are your new favorite band.

Consisting of Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham and Tom Cunningham, the foursome combine their mutual love of gritty Brit-rock and 70’s new wave to deliver raucous and vibrant rock’n’roll bursting with pop-punk energy. This unique fusion is evident in their latest release—a four-track EP touching on both relatable and thought-provoking themes for the everyday twenty-something.

The EP starts with the energetic “The Innocent.” A four minute and 15 second track reverberating with tantalizing guitars and lively percussion, the band admits to their youthful ignorance, but through a lighthearted lens.

Then there’s “Horizontal Mind,” a bass-heavy song highlighting singer Tom Cunningham’s impressive range.

“If ‘The Innocent’ is about the beauty of wanting to reassemble the world, then ‘Horizontal Mind’ is the bitter self-critical extreme of that idea,” the band shared. “I guess the change in style between the songs is symbolic of the human mind, it doesn’t walk in straight lines.”

The fast-paced title track “Love and Suicide” sees the band delving deeper into their love for indie-pop meets punk rock. Narrating the fear of the unknown, The Trusted confide how the song is somewhat of an emotional breakdown.

Bringing the EP to a close is “Wild Love.” A poignant ode about something we all wish we could do in this current landscape: escape reality. Through layered instrumentation the song provides a deeply textured soundscape, coming to life with pounding drums and jangly guitars.

As a whole, The Trusted have succeeded in creating an EP which perfectly captures modern life in an honest and candid way, but also showcases the sheer talent that the four behold. We’ll be hearing more from these guys.

Stream “Love and Suicide” below:




Photo by: Kana Waiwaiku