LISTEN: Tiny Deaths releases heavenly EP “If I’m Dreaming”

Los Angeles’ Tiny Deaths (a.k.a, Claire de Lune) graces listeners with the other-worldly five track EP If I’m Dreaming.

Want to blissfully glide into the golden clouds of heaven? Other than the fact that If I’m Dreaming was conjured up in a celestial paradise, the meaning and journey behind the EP is totally relatable.

Both the pain and sense of letting go amongst the sound and lyrics takes you on a magical journey of the now and nostalgia.

The SoCal artist said, “I think in your 20s you’re sort of still figuring out what your demons are and how to confront them and in your 30s it’s more of the exercise of being able to let those things go, to let go of what no longer serves you.”

The EP covers the escape of toxicity, finding freedom, peace and all the understanding in between.

Touching on trust issues, de Lune sings, “It’s all lovely when the sun is out, but babe I don’t trust no one when it goes down,” before delving into introspection and the big questions in life, “I’ve been asking the same questions for lifetimes, on lifetimes.”

If I’m Dreaming is a collection of dream-pop gems with glorious creamy smooth vocals, glittering, echoed synths, and reverb left, right and center to bathe your ears in magic.

The rich aura of the track with a hint of 80s staples is full of soundscapes that will 100% take you places. Beaming with light and highly singable melodies, with gorgeous sunshine synths, this EP will make you want to run into a sunset topped ocean, just loving life—it’s an all round epic release.

Listen to If I’m Dreaming now: