LISTEN: The Unlikley Collaboration of Tim Heidecker and Weyes Blood in New Album “Fear of Death”

Alongside rising star, Weyes Blood, the “Tim and Eric” actor recently released his eclectic rock album, “Fear of Death.”

Best known for his work as a comedian & writer, the multi-talented Tim Heidecker uses songwriting to tackle some of his darker, and more personal inspirations. Though his music has never relied on comedy, it’s certainly a selling point for fans. Heidecker’s newest work focuses on the seriousness of facing his own mortality and sprinkles in the humor, a bit of a contrast from his previous releases. The duo informs fans of what they’re getting into with their first track, “Prelude to Feeling,” with the forewarning lyric, “put your headphones on if you dare, you’re about to feel.”

While the subject matter may come as a shock to fans of Heidecker’s comedy, the biggest surprise of this release is the role of singer-songwriter Natalie Mering, professionally known as Weyes Blood. Known for her psychedelic and 1970s inspired songwriting as well as her classically beautiful voice, she fits right in on this album. Though her harmonies are featured throughout the entirety of the album, Mering only has her name next to the final track, “Oh How We Drift Away,” where Heidecker takes over on the backup vocals.

If you’re looking for an existential dive into Heidecker’s fear of dying disguised with a familiar rock & roll sound and untimely jokes, give “Fear of Death a listen:




photo by: Spacebomb Records