LISTEN: The Foxies express admiration for a lover on bubbly, 80s-inspired single “Timothee Chalamet”

The Foxies utilize TikTok’s powerful algorithms in bringing “Timothee Chalamet” from a once-scrapped single into a fan favorite bop.

In yet another example of how the app has impacted the music industry, TikTok led The Foxies’ demo of single “Timothee Chalamet” to my FYP.  The song mentions TikTok’s white boy of the month from early 2020 quarantine times in both the title and lyrics.

Mixed with synths, bass lines, city sounds and vocalist Julia Lauren’s Gwen Stefani-esque vibe, it’s a song that needed to be written about. The song’s steady drum backing and heavy use of cymbals carries the listener through verses, one of the most infectious choruses I’ve heard in months and a surprise bridge three-fourths of the way through the track.

“Timothee Chalamet” is a song that makes the listener need to dance—and maybe throw the song on repeat a few times, too. It’s also a great jumping off point for the rest of The Foxies’ releases which include multiple EPs and single releases spanning form 2015 to 2021.

COLLiDE sat down with Lauren, the band’s vocalist and social media maven to talk specifically about TikTok, fan engagement and the man himself, Timothee Chalamet. Read below:


Where did the inspiration for “Timothee Chalamet” come from (besides the actor)? Why Timothee Chalamet as the name referenced in the song and song title?

What’s really funny about that song is I actually had a dream about him like two-and-a-half years ago. I had a dream that I entered this old Victorian haunted house and I was looking at this painting and he was the painting.

Kind of like a Dorian Gray type of vibe. He pulled me into the painting and I was in his ghostly world, and we made out, and then I woke up and I was all sad and stuff.

Fast forward to like a month later, we’re in LA. A co-writer of ours came up with this list of song title ideas and one of them was “Timothee Chalamet.” I was like, “Oh this is fate. We’re doing it.” And that’s how it happened.

What did your TikTok strategy look like? Take the readers through that and the decision to use TikTok over other platforms.

I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook and Twitter forever. But beginning of quarantine, our manager was like, you’ve got to get on the TikTok train.

We had this song written, you know, it’s been written for two years now and we just never finished it. Fast forward to today, like last month or something, and my boyfriend’s like, “you should just leak it on TikTok.”

That’s what happened. I was like, “Hey boys, whether you like it or not I’m leaking this song on TikTok. There is no no. It’s definitely yes. Just tell me when I’m allowed to do it and I will do it.”


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♬ Timothée Chalamet – The Foxies

How do you think TikTok impacted this song in a way that other platforms wouldn’t have been able to replicate?

It’s insane. It’s like, that’s where people are getting discovered now. So frickin’ weird.

I had been biting my tongue for the longest time to not do TikTok and then I was just like, “I surrender. I’ll do it now.”

Some things take and some things don’t. Like, people like certain things and people don’t. We’ve released so many songs and we’ve showed so many of our songs on TikTok and they haven’t done too well.

When there’s a mixture of building anticipation, having people involved in the process, I think that’s the biggest thing—having the TikTokers choose your fate.

And then, just like, having a song about a frickin’ culture icon, pop culture icon, Timothee Chalamet. I think all of those things just kind of worked together. It helped blow our videos and our song up.

We had to re-record everything and produce everything and get it mixed and mastered in a week. And then it was out. It was crazy how fast we made it work.

What can we expect next from The Foxies?

“Timothee Chalamet” was kind of like a wrench thrown in our place. We weren’t ever going to release that song. But because it did so well on TikTok, we rushed it.

We were supposed to lead the year with a song called “Screws.”

We will be releasing songs back-to-back throughout the next few months. They deal with mental illness and OCD, intrusive thoughts and all that stuff because that’s what I deal with.

But there is a certain comedic lightheartedness to the subject of the song, “Screws.”

We all have things in our brain and our mind that we feel are not supposed to be there. We feel like they’re a little mis-wired. So that’s what these next few songs are going to be about.

I’m kind of glad that we released “Timothee Chalamet” when we did because it’s kind of like a break, a mental break. You know, we want to just escape the world right now, that’s a song that we can escape.

You just dance mindlessly to “Timothee Chalamet.”


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♬ Timothée Chalamet – The Foxies

Lastly, how do you think Timothee would react if he heard the song?

I think he would do that little laugh-type thing.

But really, it’s just an admiration of singing to your lover, saying, “I need you. Or just give me Timothee Chalamet and I’ll be happy, either one.”

It’s just like a “Hey, Timmy. You’re hot, so we’re putting you in our song.”


Interview has been lightly edited for clarity and flow.

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