LISTEN: Taylor DeBlock’s Recent EP “MANQUE” Reminisces on Lost Love

MANQUE, released on Friday, December 4, reflects on the heartache associated with a relationship that couldn’t be saved, and what it’s like to move on while knowing you’re partially at fault.

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Taylor fell in love with music at the young age of 13. After studying with a jazz and broadway vocal coach, he attended Elon University and studied Music Production & Recording Arts, expanding his music expertise. Now based in Los Angeles, CA, the alternative R&B singer, songwriter, and producer released his first single “Fool” in 2018. Following four single releases and a debut EP in 2020, Taylor has found success with coverage from various outlets, as well as support from Spotify’s “Fresh Find” playlists. Taylor’s most recent accomplishment, MANQUE, compiles different stylistic choices and influences we’ve seen from him in the past to create a sound reflective of his artistic growth, incorporating everything that makes his music especially unique.

“MANQUE has taken on many meanings for me – beyond the literal meaning of the word, the record itself has developed its own meaning too. This record is an establishment of my artistry – I wanted to create something that multiple people could latch onto while I displayed an array of sound that was true to me. MANQUE speaks to the highs and lows of lost love from every angle – whether fiery lust, true romance, or deepening heartache, this record brings it all to the forefront. Originally taken from the French “tu me manque,” meaning “I miss you,” the EP’s title displays a two-fold meaning. A “manqué” is also someone who has failed to live up to an expectation – accepting what has become, the manqué eventually sees where they fell short and must carry on. Throughout the creation of the record, I was that manqué, and all the while was missing what I had lost.“ -Taylor DeBlock

Check out the full EP below:




photo by: Jeff Vanags, Paul Weaver