LISTEN: Swedish rapper LÚNA drops new mental health-focused track “TRY”

The UK-based and Sweden-raised rapper LÚNA releases her new single “TRY” on Sept. 25 via Baby Blue Records.

The track is industrial, a trap beat heavy with 808s and synths and LÚNA’s quick-paced verses layered overtop. The raspy edge in her voice towards the chorus of the song helps bring the track’s energy forward and stay there for the rest of the 2 and a half minute run time.

The lyrics recount LÚNA’s struggles with managing her mental health. This contrasts with the song’s danceable beat, giving the raspy ends of her phrasing in the chorus much more emphasis. The contrast between beat and lyrical delivery end up mirroring the song’s theme of wrestling internally with mental health issues.

“I recorded TRY in early February this year, thinking that I would probably never release it,” LÚNA said.

“I was neck-deep into therapy, watching every single mindfulness video that I could come across on YouTube whilst going back and forth feeling completely hopeless and unbelievably powerful at the same time. Realizing your self-worth can be a very confusing journey and, for me, this song showcases all the different emotions that can appear when realizing and admitting your own being.”

Give “TRY” a listen below:





Photo by: Jody Evans