LISTEN: Sulene Shares Hypnotic New Single “” On 12/15

South-African born, Brooklyn based artist Sulene has just put out her new single “” on Trash Casual. Today, we’re excited to share a playlist by Sulene called “missing the brooklyn scene” to celebrate her release and the inspiration behind it!

“Even when I was 10-years-old and living in Cape Town, South Africa I dreamed of living in a tiny apartment in New York and being fortunate enough to call myself a musician. Being in Brooklyn as a creative these last few years has been super inspiring. During this pandemic, I feel out of sorts for many reasons, but one big reason is because I miss the music scene so much. I only hope that local venues such as Elsewhere, Baby’s All Right, and C’mon Everybody still have their doors open when things go back to normal… ugh, what I’d give to be there dancing with my pals. I made a playlist of local artists and bands who’ve continuously inspired me, whether we’re besties, or I messaged you to try gig with you, or I shout your lyrics at your shows. Thanks for energizing my life <3” -Sulene


Check out the music video for “” here:




photo by: Spencer Kohn